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Come visit our winery, tasting of our products are FREE!!!

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But if you want to know in a simple, engaging and entertaining way Madrevite and his world, come to us for a tour!

The visit in the cellar, through two types of guided tours will allow our guests to experience the life of the Farm, directly knowing the vineyards, olive groves, wine cellar, room for refinement and processing techniques that place throughout the year.

Discover the magic of the awakening of nature in spring, the ripening vines in summer, the harvest in autumn and processing and pruning in winter. Every moment of the year is different and is worth living it “live” in the Farm.

The two types of guided tours offered by Madrevite all ending with a tasting of our products:

Quick visit

The package “Quick Visit” provides a guided tour of the winery, the premises where the grapes are processed and those of aging.

The tour lasts approximately 1 hour and is recommended throughout the year.

Complete visit

The tour begins with a brief outline on the history of wine in the Trasimeno Lake and its product specification, together with an historical  and cultural profile of the area while the guests are accompanied in the vineyards and ancient olive groves of the Company. After an explanation of the technic of processing and wine aging in wood and glass, the tour culminates with the rare experience of a unique taste of a wine still aging in the barrel or barrique.

The tour lasts approximately 3 hours and is recommended throughout the year.


Tour group through the vineyards
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