In the particular microclimate of the Trasimeno lake, Madrevite, owned by the Chiucchiurlotto family for three generations, covers twenty hectars, gathered in one body, within the DOC Colli del Trasimeno. The vines are supported by ten hectars on the ridge, in a clay soil that gives special characteristics to the grapes and draws a terroir wine with strong attitudes. Vineyards located in the South and South West, with planting density of up to 5000 plants per hectare, evenly irradiated by sunlight, cultivated with the utmost respect for nature and with very low yields.

“You see things that exist, and you wonder why, but I dream things that never existed and I wonder why not!” … This is the philosophy that inspired Madrevite in his project. A complex and ambitious project, started in 2001 with the decision to renew the company and to focus on quality. The historic family vineyards have been joined by new plants and today Madrevite has: Sangiovese, Syrah, Montepulciano and Trebbiano Spoletino. In addition to Gamay del Trasimeno, of course, a traditional variety of this land, like Grenache and Cannonau, dwelling around the lake for hundreds of years.


The Cellar, fully renovated in 2003, retains large wooden barrels flanked by new French and American oak barrels with steel tanks with temperature control.

Here the hand of man is engaged in a work meticulous, time to conservation and the exaltation of what nature offers. A daily challenge and an unbreakable passion for the job: these are the only secrets that allow to Madrevite, year after year, to produce wines with a personal and complex with strong local characteristics.



Grappolo Montepulciano LQMontepulciano is a variety native from Central Adriatic coast, is present for centuries in Umbria. It is characterized by being a generous grape, very flexible. Montepulciano is very good to produce young wines, ready to drink, but also for important red wines for long aging.
Montepulciano has adapted very well in the area of ​​Trasimeno and for Madrevite is a very interesting variety.






Trebbiano Spoletino

Trebbiano Spoletino LQ

Trebbiano Spoletino is among the most interesting white varieties native from Umbria. Its history is lost in the mists of time but has only recently been rediscovered and appreciated. Very different from the Trebbiano Toscano, it is a variety of high-class, aromatic intensity and complexity of taste. The strong acidity makes it versatile, ideal to produce tasty wines, fresh, capable of aging. Trebbiano Spoletino is absolutely unique in the center of Italy. For Madrevite it is a fascinating challenge and is giving great results.






Sangiovese LQThe Sangiovese grape is one of the most famous Italian grapes in the world. It is widespread mainly in central Italy and is the basis of the classic wines from this area.
Madrevite cultivates Sangiovese ancient vineyard and some new vineyards (planted from the clones of the plants of the “old vine”). All grapes are located on the top of the hill and face south-west. Here enjoy an exposure that provides an ideal maturity, structure and aromatic intensity.






Syrah LQ

Syrah is a red grape variety of the most popular in the world, from France, in particular of the Rhone Valley, it has spread around the world. Is used for the production of single-varietal red wines or in blend. Madrevite’s Syrah grows in a south-facing hill, in a ventilated area from the south south-west, in clay soils with a good component of limestone. The climate is cold in winter, when temperatures often reach near freezing and hot in summer, resulting, however, constantly ventilated and never torrid. These climatic conditions allow for perfect growth of Syrah is aged with very low yields per hectare.
Vinified separately (as all the grapes in Madrevite), the single variety wine that is obtained from the Madrevite’s Syrah is elegant, refined, with persistent tannins and good acidity.



Gamay del Trasimeno

Gamay del Trasimeno LQ

Gamay del Trasimeno is a variety typical of the area around Trasimeno lake. Today has shown that belongs to the family of Grenache, variety of class, capable of great wines, widespread in southern France, in Spain, in Sardinia (where it is called Cannonau) and other Italian territories, taking many different names (Tinto Spain, Bordò, Tocai Rosso, Guarnaccia, etc …).The arrival of the Grenache on the hills of Trasimeno is due to the Spanish domination that followed the peace of Chateau-Chambrésis of 1559. Presumably arrived in 1600 has always been cultivated by the winemakers of the area who appreciate the character and potential. Over the years the Grenache takes the name of “French vineyard” and then the “Gamay”, because of the particular technique by which was cultivated (sapling).
Some old plants of Gamay del Trasimeno present in ancient vineyard of Madrevite gave birth, through clonal selection, to new plants. Dry summers and windy, clay soils and low yields are essential to get a red wine generous but elegant, soft and velvety.


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