Il Reminore I.G.T. Umbria White

Vibrant, Fresh and Dinamic

The first note, the tonic, so decisive and resolute, as is the Spoleto Grape that we are enjoying, and it is taking us to another consciousness and it is forging a character vibrant and sincere as the vineyards of the Colli del Trasimeno. The dominant one, the work, the research, the improvisation and magic of the composer Madrevite
Denomination: I.G.T. Umbria
Production area: Trasimeno
Variety of grapes: Trebbiano Spoletino
Eposure: north-west
Average age of vines: 5 years
Altitude: 320 m. above sea level
Growing system: guyot
Density of vines: 5000/Ha
Type of soil: mainly clayey
Yield: 60 quintals/Ha
Vinification: white process
Aging: at least 4 months in stainless steel
Aging in bottle: 3 months
Number of bottles produced: 4000 bottles
Organoleptic features: this wine has straw-yellow with green and golden shades. The perfumes are of white fruits and citrus fruits with nuances of minerals. “Il Reminore” is a fresh, complex and full wine.
Serving Temperature: 12°
Coupling: starters, first courses, mixed fish and poultry.
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