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Bag of Fagiolina Trasimeno

Sacchetto Fagiolina del Trasimeno
Slow Food certification
Weight: 200 g
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The Fagiolina Trasimeno presents, compared to commercial varieties of the same species, a higher content of ash and fiber and lower in starch and total sugars. Some selected populations over the years in the Trasimeno area have high content of valuable compounds from the nutritional point of view which hemicellulose, cellulose, lignin, tannins and peptic substances. In particular, the content is very high in soluble dietary fiber (up to 200% more, compared to commercial varieties), valuable component of the category of dietary fiber for the pro-biotic action that unfolds.
The production area of the Trasimeno Fagiolina is enclosed within the municipal area of the municipalities around Lake Trasimeno.

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