Che Syrah sarà I.G.T. Umbria

Elegant, refined, innovative.

We were six in class. The teacher told us the legend of Sant’Egidio, the Saint came from Rhone Valley in France, also the patron of our little parish of Vaiano. We wondered how the legends could endure so much over time. Today we raise the Syrah, the vines come from the Rhone Valley, and we ask Che Syrah sarà (“Wich Syrah will be”)… and if history will repeat itself.
Che Syrah sarà I.G.T. Umbria is made by 100% Syrah.
Madrevite is propriety of the Chiucchiurlotto family, which has cultivated the grapevine for 3 generations.
Passion for the job, visceral love for nature and for their land, can produce wines personal and innovative, created by passion, loved by reason.
Production Area: Madrevite is in the center of Italy, in the North-West area of Umbria. Vineyards are in hills that divide Valdichiana from Trasimeno Lake Valley, 320 meters on the level of the sea. The vineyards have South-South/West exposure which follow the hills’ progress. They have a 15 years-old average age, the growing system is a runner system, with density of vines of 5000 vines/ha.
Type of Soil: Madrevite’s hills were born during Pliocene epoch (about 3 million years ago) when the earth arose, creating Trasimeno lake. The soil is mainly clay.
Vinification: harvesting is done manually with careful selection of grapes. The spontaneus fermentation without the use of added yeast, is followed by maceration on the skins for 18-20 days with frequent pumping and delestages.
Aging Containers: 12 months in French oak cask.
Lenght of Aging: 6 months in bottle.
Organoleptic Features: ruby red color with purple hues, shows the typical aromas of spices and small berries, all integrated on woody notes of vanilla and oak. The mouth is elegant, with deep velvety tannins and very meaty, supported by fresh acidity which makes the wine very suitable for matching with vast palate.
Service Temperature: 16 C°
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